The Transformation

This Blog is about the Transformation of my lifestyle From an extremely Unhealthy Degenerative lifestyle to a Healthy Thriving lifestyle:
Mainly my journey from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to a RAD (Raw american Diet), which is a Healthy Primarily Raw Vegan Diet, my Yoga and Mediation process, and the other improvements I am making in my life and lifestyle to change from Surviving to Thriving, while maintaining the art of Balance and keeping Life’s problems in check 🙂

Just an F.Y.I you are also probably going to get a lot of my life story, just a warning, this is Real talk no B.S. So be prepared, and sorry if my life is too real for your taste, but I refuse to censor it….

I am making this blog to hold myself accountable to this lifestyle change, so lets hope this works…..
I am also going to eventually write this all into a book so this is kinda like my rough draft/ brainstorming/ idea’s smorgasbord 🙂 So hopefully it will be somewhat coherent… though I wont guarantee it!

Your jumping into my story in the middle of the change, I’m already seeing major health benefits from this type of lifestyle and these uncooked eating habits. Like no caffeine needed for energy, seriously I will never need it again. The mental clarity I experience on a daily basis is more than ever before in my life!  The only reason I promote this lifestyle is because of the results I am personally getting, going from being sick all the time and in constant pain to finally feeling like myself again and getting back into training.

I still cheat and mess up all the time! I also still eat meat sometimes! Its totally okay it’s part of the process of changing, you can’t always get it perfect right away (though now I always feel gross after going back to the other food & sometimes it makes me sick). For example I cut dairy out completely for months, had coupons for free pizza’s and every time I ate the pizza, though it tasted delicious at the time, I got very digestively sick every time i ate it, meaning it did not pass through normally and w/o discomfort.
Also I am a Chocoholic- Seriously ask anyone who knows me, I go great distances and far lengths for chocolate…
This diet is helping immensely with the cravings
I still eat chocolate though, now i just try to eat the real stuff or make my own and eat it much less often
Seriously I was the worst offender, we are talking everyday even multiple times a day, I was always desperate for more chocolate….
Its amazing I’m not (or just don’t know it yet) diabetic, or even just the fattest person ever with the sheer amount of chocolate I have consumed in my lifetime ( I seriously think its close to 50% of my overall lifetime diet…. I know that seems impossible but I honestly don’t feel like I’m exaggerating that percentage at all) As a kid I would eat a whole box of little Debbie’s in one night
So what brought on this Motivation to finally change for good you ask?

  • A Heartbreaking experience leading to a terrible break up (Actually I had quite a few of those, but one in particular was the catalyst)
  • Constantly fatigued with no energy or motivation (I’m only 23 and had been feeling this way since i was around 15)
  • Constant and Reoccurring Health problems
  • Anger issues and issues with my past and the lifestyle my past had helped me create
  • Having my freedom taken away from me
  • And just being so extremely unhappy and depressed with my life in general, going from following my dreams to just barely surviving and getting by, when I felt I should be much farther in life than where I was at the current moment… and constantly beating myself up for all my failures and underachieved or missed accomplishments… always feeling like i was falling so far behind in life..

Now some of my lifestyle and food history for you:
Grew up eating mostly High Sugar, Artificially Flavored and Colored, Highly processed and fried foods diet; Lots of Fast Food, mostly off the dollar menu because we were always too poor for the real menu; Cheeseburgers, Fries, and Soda (almost always Dr. Pepper) multiple times a week, then in high school almost every day (I seriously should have been the fattest kid alive I guess being nutrient deficient and athletic all my life saved me from the fat/obesity plague most of society and now an alarming amount of youth are facing) I hated Cafeteria food though it was always so gross, looked and tasted even worse and more fake than fast food, and my parents didn’t send me with food so it was either eat the schools food (b/c i was on free lunch’s most of my life) or buy my own (which once i turned 15 i went and got a job and did just that, unfortunately i didn’t know how unhealthy fast food was back then and had been living off it all my life i was pretty helplessly addicted, craved it over almost anything else (except chocolate 😉  Until I saw Super size Me in my health class my senior year my old soccer coach was the teacher and showed us the film in class. I was like HOLY SHIT THATS ME I EAT THAT SHIT EVERYDAY! Believe it or not it still didn’t change me until i got really really sick and did my own research on food and the food industry) Lot’s of those microwave T.V. Dinners either kid cuisine when we begged for it but usually those terribly cheap and disgusting ones like night hawk? i think they were called and there were a few other brands always 50 cents to $1 a dinner just whatever was cheapest was usually what got bought. My mother was Addicted to Coca Cola though, so we always had lots of soda in the house, Coke for her, anything brightly colored for my little brother, and I’ve always been loyal to the Dr. so never a shortage on soda, and anything clear for my Dad so he could mix it with his Vodka…

On the flip side of the terrible diet though I was always fairly active, involved in several different sports such as soccer, basketball, and motocross. So I was always pretty fit growing up, never fat by any means, but all this wear and tear on my body and no nutrients going back into my body to build it back up really took its toll on my overall health and my joints and muscles always ached. Also being a motocross rider I had several really bad crashes that could have killed me and broke a couple bones (in my foot and ribs) and also really messed up my back and neck (as one time i fell from almost 15ft in the air onto my neck it was pretty brutal and I never even got it looked at)
So from my experience exercise will definitely keep you from becoming obese, but it will not save you from the poison you put into your body, as it cannot build properly functioning cells out of nothing. Your body will start to degrade as mine did, in which the health problems just skyrocketed from there
(and i have had quite a fair share of health issues (viruses, bacterial infections, staff, kidney stones, U.I. tract problems, candida, tendentious, arthritis, Joint pain, shooting pains, Heart palpitations, all reoccurring issues for me)
As a child I was always Vaccinated, put on antibiotics and other medications, eventually prescribed psychotropic drugs in high school for my poor diet symptoms of anxiety and depression (which later led to even bigger health issues) but ill get into that whole subject in another post….

Back on track:

Lifestyle Changes I’ve made So far:

  • I refuse to spend money on Fast food (I still go to restaurants (hardly ever usually only with friends) sometimes but no drive thru’s!)
  • I switched all my plastic for glass ( almost its kinda a slow process, but I prefer glass to plastic) but my water bottle is glass and so is my main set of Tupperware I use for lunch and storing food
  • I make alot of Fresh squeezed juice ( my juicer was only $30 at aldi’s so i just use a cheap one and it works) if you have the money def invest in a good one i unfortunately don’t have the budget for a nice one at the moment
  • I filter my drinking water and shower water (I take mostly showers and all tap water where I live is chlorinated and fluoridated not to mention what else is lurking around in our tap water, also most bottled water is tap water, check out the Movie Tapped) shower filter was only around $30 on amazon and the Berkey filter I bought from the actual manufacturer cost a good $250 but well worth the investment (or you can DIY and make your own water filter system)
  • I aim for an 80/20 diet (80% Raw/ 20% cooked)

** These lifestyle changes took me 2 years to fully convert this way so it can definitely be a process!

Words I live by:

Every time you Eat or Drink you are either Feeding Disease or Fighting It!

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