Today’s Energy

Seriously the best Energy around today, I started it differently than normal. I started it with Love and Intent. Also with most of the day already planned out.  And I woke up earlier than normal. I like the earlier rising thing, way more time to do stuff during the day, and more sunlight to absorb 🙂 try it, it feels so good.

I actually cheated last night (went to see my God Son for his 8mo’s which just so happened to also be his Momma’s 21st birthday so we celebrated them both, the rents cooked burgers and steak and baked beans and coleslaw (all some of my old food habit fav’s!!! couldn’t even say no, plus it was free and with what I get paid in retail It’s impossible to pass up Free

Whats on Today’s Menu:
Went to lunch with a good friend at BJ’s
Crispy fried Artichokes (I know it’s fried ;( but i totally justified it b/c its artichokes and those are so awesome for you)
Fresh Watermelon and Feta Salad
Golden Beet and Arugula Salad
(both salads with added baby spinach and baby kale to them, although i will say their “baby kale” looked alot like just Arugula to me, but what ev’s i’ll still order it that way)

Dinner So Far:
Possibly still eating idk yet depends on if i fall asleep soon or not (i don’t follow the whole don’t eat before you sleep rule i think its dumb, i eat when i’m hungry and sleep when im tired its the only way I personally like to live, plus its very conducive toward my overall health i’ve noticed)
Juiced Fruits and Veggies
Organic Kale $1.99 a bunch (2 bunches juiced, one red kale/ one green) @Whole Foods
Organic Carrots 5lb bag  $3.99 / bag (about half the bag or more)  @Sprouts
Organic Blackberries about 1/2 a container (2 for $5) @Sprouts
Freshly Juiced Orange Juice 1/2 Gallon/ 64oz for $7.99 @Central Market (not organic ;( unfortunately)

Also Something New I tried today as a part of balancing my body’s reaction times:
Braking/ Gas pedal with my left leg instead of my right, at first it felt weird and off, then i felt way more normal than only using one leg to do it all, found a happy medium with using my left for the brake, and my right for the gas 🙂 very equal, very balanced, it felt really good. Then i started to wonder why are we taught to only use our right foot and our right hand for everything if we are “right handed”? it was very strange who decided this was the “right” way? haha guess b/c it had the word “right” in it, it just had to be right! oh smh seriously though who came up with this shit? I used to ride Mx and seriously you use both feet and both hands, thats exactly how you should drive a car, both feet both hands. (Try it if you haven’t already, do it somewhere safe though like in a parking lot first before you just hit the road and switch things up)

Also super good talk with super good friends today reminds me there are still ppl like me out there even though they seem few and far btw atm, but also reminds me the people you keep in your life are the MOST important and MOST influential in your life so choose them carefully and wisely…

Also Read of the day goes to:
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Video of the day goes to:
This Amazing dance performance 

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