Today Catch

Went to Aldi’s to get cheap Boulder Tall Kitchen Drawstring Extra Strength Trash Bags 45 bags @$4.99 for a 13gallon trash can , decided to check out the Organics (VERY TINY SELECTION)

But oddly enough their Organic Avocados were cheaper than their conventional I think by about 30 cents per pop (making me question if they are truly organic, (lets hope so I plan on looking into this: Mexican Hass 2920 114th suite 400 Grand Prairie, Tx 75050)
Organic Avocado’s 4 for $1.49 (thats about 37 cents a piece, conventional were almost double in price?!? Im really questioning this now, one of those to good to be true instincts kickin’ in)

But with all those Avocado’s I was going to make these :
Chocolate Avocado Cookies

Also picked up frozen organic blueberries $2.99 @Aldi 

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