Vegan Cooking Workshop (+ cashew ricotta recipe!)

Creating a Life More Extraordinary

I have just come back from attending a Vegan Cooking Workshop at Healing House Cusco (one of my new favourite places in Cusco!). It was run by Christine from christine eats the world and it was awesome! Christine has a background in traditional chef-ing and catering but has recently embraced vegetarianism and alternative cooking.

Not only did we discuss cooking tips but also the ethical reasons that generally motivate people to eat a plant-based diet. As a vegetarian it’s easy to feel I’m not a part of the cruelty and environmental damage caused by the meat industry, so it’s always a bit confronting for me to hear negative facts about the diary and egg industries that I am still involved in. Christine recommended a couple of documentaries – Cowspiracy and Food Inc – for more information.

Making vegan pestoVegan pesto and cashew ricotta

During the class we made raw vegan cashew coconut cheesecake, vegan pesto, raw gluten-free…

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