I Totally make some of these mistakes


I am guilty of leaving my juicer dirty out of pure laziness ;( im working on this)
Im also pretty sure ive had the juice with or after a meal…. I personally didn’t feel like this was a big deal I didn’t experience any digestive issues makes sense some people would though
I have never chewed my juice unless I add extra pulp to it and even then I dont usually chew much it gives me a weird gag reflex feeling sometimes when I try idk why sometimes it doesn’t though very finicky very weird, the reason why you should do it is totally spot on though so im def going to make a strong effort to get past my weirdness and do it every time anyways 🙂
Ummm  I pretty much juice mostly Kale…. and carrots… now beets and some fruit though but I haven’t made it a daily thing yet so I doubt i’m getting too much of anything yet